Friday, August 30, 2013

R is EIGHT!!!

My CUTE nephew turned eight and was going to be baptized soon.  We were actually in a canyon called Mueller Park for a b-day party for my brother.  What a beautiful place to take some pics.  He brought clothes to change into and we took some pictures of his cute self!  Look at that smile.  I LOVE it!!  What a sweet kid, I'm so proud of him.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Someone's turning 4

My adorable/funny niece will be 4 next month.  Her mom wanted some pics of her.  It's fun to see how much she's changed.  She can talk your ear off and make you laugh so hard.  We love this fun little cutie pie!!

I had to throw these last ones on in a collage...she was loving this lemon.  Hahaha!

Blog photos

My friend wanted some pics taken to use for her blog a while back.  We just went in her backyard and snapped away while her kids played in the background.  They were great.  Such a cute lady, right?!  That was fun.