Sunday, September 26, 2010


First off, before the cuties - I had to put this one up. I got this shot the other day before the family had arrived at this location. I thought the sun had a really neat effect on this one, I really liked how it turned out.

We went to a couple different places, they were so good. They took some breaks for play time of course, so that helped.

I just love this little look. She had MANY facial expressions to share. So cute!
Here she started striking her own poses, it was adorable.

This one was an accident, but I just love how it turned out! I think it is so sweet and soft looking.

They were playing around with this sculpture and little sis turned around and started laughing. Glad they had some fun in the process.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Sweet R family

My first family photo session!!! These sweeties let me capture some shots of their family tonight. Oh, they were SO good! I learned some new things - this was very good for me. THANK YOU guys!!!

Here are some of the favorites:

I found this sweet old truck down one of the roads. Little B was pretty excited about it. His face lit up when we told him we were going to see a truck. :) This is one of my favorites, for sure.

Doesn't she just have the SWEETEST little face?!

Had to try a silhouette. Little B was running to his daddy, so sweet.

So fun, must do again.

Surprise Flowers

We've had some flowers growing in our front yard all summer. There were these really tall ones that didn't have any flowers on them, so I ripped a bunch out, but left a few, because they were taking over and they didn't even have any flowers on them! Just last week these beauties started shooting out of them. I'm glad I didn't rip them all out. It's so much fun to watch them all blooming now. Every day there seems to be a couple new ones.

These two are good friends. :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Girl and her Guitar

J is an AMAZING singer/songwriter. She would like to make a CD, so she asked if I would take some pictures of her for the cover. These are a few of my favorites. This is the day after I got my camera and I've learned some new things since then so I'd like to do it again soon! So for take one, here's what we've got.

I just love this laughing one too, she's such a cutie!
This one is her favorite. I really like it too.
What's your favorite?

New Photo Blog

I decided I wanted to start a photography blog a while ago. I am now finally doing it! It's mostly to see progress as I am learning. I LOVE capturing memories in my own life an others. It's wonderful to look back and remember something that brings a smile to your face. So here we go. I hope you enjoy! :)