Saturday, December 22, 2012

Awesom J Family

 We went out to the State Park to take some photos of this great family.  They really are so much fun and so loving towards each other.  They are moving soon, so I was super happy we got to take some pictures before they leave us...sniff, sniff.  I am excited for them too, though, because they are excited!

First we had to snap some shots of  this part of their family who was visiting.  They are adorable!

 This little guy was SO good for the camera, I've never seen such a thing.  We think he liked the clicking sound of the camera, cause he would just smile away every time I put it to my eye.  I LOVED it!
Sweet sisters.
 Beautiful girls:

 And some fun family shots.

 I love seeing all the smiles a baby can bring to the group. 

Thanks guys!  And good luck in all your new adventures!  I'm excited to hear all about it!!  :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sweet P Family

 We had a lot of fun!  I loved watching these sisters, too.  They just love each other and I love how this little one looks up to her big sis.  And what a good one she is.
  I am just loving their walking shots, like they're just out for a stroll. 

 Little miss B kept playing peek-a-boo behind her dad, it was so cute.  I was so pleased with this one and her cute smile!  Peek-a-boo works sometimes!!!  She was super good at it.
 They just LOVE their little brother.  I love how big sis is looking at me and little sis is trying to get him to stop crying.  They are so sweet!
 I love this secluded road we took pictures on.  It is just so quiet and peaceful out there.

 Love that face, she is such a sweet girl.
 And this one was cracking me up. 

 We wore him right OUT!

Halloween 2012

 My villain and heroes.  We had a deal if they got these got to do a photo shoot with them, we both won!  I love that! 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

More sweet family...

 It's that time of year again to get photos of everyone for the family calendar I make each year.  I enjoy taking pictures of my family.  Love them all SO much.  Here's my dad and his wife and then my brother and his family.  Just a bunch of beautiful people, that's for sure!