Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Q's baptism pics

We went to the Bountiful Temple to get some photos of this cute kiddo for his baptism invites.  He's so much fun and his dad kept him laughing....

M Family

 Taffee and I got to take photos of this fun family out at the State Park.  I love it there, such a pretty place.  These kiddos had a lot of fun with each other.  They wanted to give each other bunny and moose ears in every picture, hahaha.  SO glad we got some fun, sweet pics of them.  Here's some favorites that I took.

And here's a bunch of cute ones Taffee captured:

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

H family 2013

This year my friend, Taffee, came along with me to take pictures of this AWESOME family!  It was so much fun, I loved having help and someone to ask their opinion and on and on!  And to top it off she's a GREAT photographer with fun ideas.  We headed out to her families farm and snapped some fun shots.  Here's some fun ones she captured:
 I love these ones with the kids in the background so much!

 She got these boys to pose so fun and crazy and be themselves, I love it!

 Here are some that I got of the family and the kids individuals.  What a beautiful day!

I love this wide open space feel.  Such a pretty place!

Thank you H family!  And Taffee!  That was so much fun!