Sunday, March 27, 2011

Photography class

I got to attend a photography class by Emilie Decker on Saturday. It was so much fun!!! I learned a lot of fun things and understood better a lot of things also. After she talked to us and explained some things we went out and took pictures of this mom and her two cute girls. They were so smiley and good the whole time. I was really amazed! They would just look and smile at all of us ladies (about 8 of us) clicking away at them. It was really fun.

She gave me one sweet serious face. Look at those eyebrows.
Doesn't she have the sweetest smile?!!
I loved watching them interact with one another.

I'm excited take pictures with all that I've learned!


  1. I was wondering how that went! I'm so glad you were able to do that & that it was helpful! Maybe you can use some of that knowledge next week on Afton! LOVE YOU!

  2. These are so fun. And I LOOOOVVVEEE your up close ones! You are so talented.... maybe we could meet up for a shoot one day. Do you have a price listing?

  3. Seantae - I don't have prices because I'm still in the learning phase. But I'd LOVE to do it for free so I can get more practice! We'll talk. :)

  4. Those little girls are adorable. I love that you took a serious picture too and Yes, I do love her eyebrows. You are so good at this.