Monday, November 21, 2011

Some people I LOVE!!!

I'm glad my family puts up with me taking their pictures each year for the calendar I make.  They sure are some GREAT people!


  1. JENNI. these photos are adorable! I LOVE seeing your family. I kinda wanna hangout with you guys. HAHAHA Happy Birthday toy YOU!

  2. Taffee, you totally should cause we are AWESOME!!! Hehe. LOVE these pictures Jen. You are SO stinkin' amazing at this picture takin' stuff, ya know?! LOVE the Juli & Boston pic. Precious! Love you.

  3. How beautiful. I just love all the pictures. Some make me smile and others make me wanna cry. You are really good. I'm thankful you have this blog, AND I'm thankful I have you. You're mine!!!