Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sweet P Family

 We had a lot of fun!  I loved watching these sisters, too.  They just love each other and I love how this little one looks up to her big sis.  And what a good one she is.
  I am just loving their walking shots, like they're just out for a stroll. 

 Little miss B kept playing peek-a-boo behind her dad, it was so cute.  I was so pleased with this one and her cute smile!  Peek-a-boo works sometimes!!!  She was super good at it.
 They just LOVE their little brother.  I love how big sis is looking at me and little sis is trying to get him to stop crying.  They are so sweet!
 I love this secluded road we took pictures on.  It is just so quiet and peaceful out there.

 Love that face, she is such a sweet girl.
 And this one was cracking me up. 

 We wore him right OUT!


  1. Love that little yawn. Sweet pics.

  2. Darling family, I love their blue blue eyes. Such pretty pictures.