Friday, January 13, 2012

It's GREAT to be 8!

 My sweet daughter is turning 8 and will be baptized soon.  We went out to get some pictures of her in her beautiful white dress.  What a beautiful daughter she is, so kind, loving and just always so good.  We love her very much.  As I look at these pictures, she is looking so grown up, funny how that happens so fast!  :)


  1. Those are the most beautiful pictures. I smiled from one to the other. Little Kaiya is just such a sweetheart and all the other things you said. Can't wait to be there on her special day.

  2. beautiful photos. beautiful dress. beautiful DAUGHTER.
    I can't wait to talk my girls to her baptism.
    What a fun experience for them & me. I'm excited.
    p.s. #1 & #4 are my ALL TIME FAVORITES today:D