Friday, April 26, 2013

Cute baby C

My friend had their sweet little baby C last week.  I was super excited to take pictures of his cuteness.  His talented mom made the little fabric boots he's wearing and the ones displayed also.  I know, CUTE!

 He fit so snuggly into his dads Cowboy hat.  He thought it was pretty comfy.

 We had to get a shot showing his cute little long john bottom, hahaha!  SO adorable!!

Congratulations on this sweet little guy!  :)


  1. Ha! I L♡VE those super cute jammies! What a doll face. So cute how you could just mush him into a bowl & whatever position you wanted. Ha. Love freshly new babies. Such a sweetie! Love you sis.

  2. Such a cute baby cradled in dad's cowboy hat. Cutest thing ever. And I love the little PJ's with the barn door. Love it love it love it. So darling. love you! mom

  3. These are adorable pictures. Makes me want to have another baby so you can take some at my house...oh wait-maybe not. Love the baby in the cowboy hat. I might have to pin it for ya.

  4. How adorable! Love that he fits into that hat, so sweet. Love the baby longjohns.