Friday, September 30, 2011

H Family

This is my friends family.  They live on a Ranch and my kids love to play there.  There is always so much to do outside.  We had a BLAST taking their photos.  They had a lot of fun ideas (even the kids added in their pose ideas) and are just too cute to boot.  Hahaha - (pun intended).  


  1. These pictures are really professional. I absolutely love them. I think my favorite ones are the dad and the son standing back to back and the seeing the kids walk away hand in hand holding the baby. They are all adorable but those two I would absolutely buy. Sooooo goood!

  2. I love these pictures you did such a good job and such a cute family!!

  3. Seriously!?! The one with the brother & big sister/mom#2 holding the baby walking away kills me. SO cute!!! The lighting couldn't be better on these pics. Good job Jenni, they're amazing!