Friday, September 23, 2011

Turning two

My adorable little niece turned two and we had to get some photos of her cuteness.  Her mom brought some great accessories and of course the sucker.  That kept her entertained and made for some great shots!

I just love how she's lickin' her lips and eyeing that sucker.  Hahaha, so sweet!


  1. I mean, really. I for sure have THE cutest lil' lady EVER!!! I wasn't quite sure if she'd work with us, what with her cousins all swimming in the pool right in front of her & all, but she did awesome! YOU did awesome! I love them ALL so much. Thanks for taking them while we were there & for editing them all too, you're the best. I owe you big time! Love you sis!

  2. HOW ADORABLE. My gosh, is she the sweetest thing ever? What amazing shots you took. I can't even imagine taking gorgeous pictures like that. I love them all.